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D-Celerator® Diesel Exhaust Brake

Success Stories



D-Celerator Diesel Engine Exhaust Brakes are a must have if you own a diesel truck and are planning to tow in the mountains or in any other down hill situations.  The D-Celerator adds extra security and piece of mind when operating diesel tow trucks or diesel motor homes in hills or mountains.  US Gear's state of the art technology has made the D-Celerator one of the easiest products on the market to use.  It has a simple on/off switch.  When you encounter a downhill situation simply turn the unit on and when you reach the bottom of the hill turn the unit off.  It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

The following are typical of the many positive comments we hear about the D-Celerator:

  • “The D-Celerator makes towing in the mountains an enjoyable experience”
  • “The support from US Gear is outstanding”
  • “The unit is simple to use”
  • “The life of our brake shoes has increased dramatically”
  • “D-Celerator was a great purchase”, and
  • “The D-Celerator is an outstanding product”

We believe that the many benefits offered by the quality U.S. Gear diesel exhaust brakes has powered the rapid sales growth of this product experienced by PPL.

Boyde McMakin
Parts/Service Manager
PPL Motor Homes

I have the US Gear D-Celerator on my truck, a 2003 Chevy Silverado 3500 Dually. My trailer is a 49' Gooseneck flatbed on which I haul heavy metal that my company fabricates (see a picture at http://imwinc.net).

I just did a long haul down to Yuma, AZ with this truck and trailer with my weight totaling 35,750 lbs. As you can imagine, I had to go up and down many steep 6% grades for miles and miles.

When going down the grades, I simply dropped my speed to 35 mph (which is recommended for trucks with heavy loads) and turned on the D-Celerator. The D-Celerator worked so well that I didn't have to touch the brake pedal even once on a 9 mile stretch of I-8 east of San Diego.

Thanks for your great product! Without it my brakes would have most definitely caught on fire.

K. Law

My trip this weekend took me from the Bay area of CA down to LA traveling through an area known as the Grapevine and quite a challenging pull through a fairly steep incline/decline to about 5000 feet... On the way back Sat night, fully loaded and then some, I had to travel the summit in near blizzard conditions (I-5 was closed right after I crossed the summit) and the brake performed flawlessly. At no time did I feel that my control of my rig was in question. Kudos to the crew at US Gear!!!

J. Jelf

[I installed the] D-Celerator on my 2002 3500 Silverado with the Duramax. The brake worked to keep my 19,000 combined load under control down 7% + grades on our trip from WA to AZ for our annual trek... I am impressed with the quality of your equipment and ease of installation... Your brake is very good!!!

D. Stager

That [D-Celerator] is the best brake I have ever seen before for a pickup! The braking is awesome. I think it is the next best thing to a jake brake for your pickup.

K. Sell

Along with my overdrive on my 1997 Dodge Cummins, I am happy to report towing our 12000+ RV I still have factory brake shoes on rear...front pads were replaced at 130000 .  [The D-Celerator] definitely makes a difference going down long hill.  This unit was installed shortly after delivery of truck in 1997.142000+ miles later, still works great.
D. Elliott
I just installed the exhaust brake on my F 250 PS.  It went on as if it had eyes.  I think anyone could do the wiring.

J. Nelson

This thing (D-Celerator) has probably saved my life.  At least less butt puckering.

B. Velie

The exhaust brake made an immense difference in the braking and drivability performance of our F-350.  Braking downhill on 6-9% grades with a 25,000 GCW went from almost continuous to occasional.  Couple that to the peace of mind of having the extra slowing capability of the exhaust brake made for a much more enjoyable trip.  I highly recommend your product.

Best regards,
W. Kittle

After comparing the D-Celerator exhaust brake with other exhaust brakes on the internet and magazines, I decided to install the D-Celerator by US Gear... I am extremely pleased with the way it assists in braking.  The braking of the D-Celerator from U.S. Gear is very good even at lower rpm's.  Once again, I would like to thank you for a very well designed product.  I highly recommend the D-Celerator by U.S. Gear to anyone considering installing an exhaust brake on their pickup truck.

Signed, one happy camper.
R. Vance

I had your Super-Duty [D-Celerator] installed on my 99 Ford Power Stroke... I was impressed with the way it worked. I drove a truck for over 25 years and have some experience operating heavy duty trucks both with and with out jake brakes, so I had an idea of what retarders can do. To be honest with you I did not think it would perform as well as it did, it is truly a good product and excellent safety device.

R. Wild

In March of this year (1999) I purchased your D-Celerator Diesel Exhaust Brake, which I am very pleased with.  This was installed on our 1992 Dodge D-350... Needless to say, the brake was a tremendous relief for us since we were pulling a 36' fifth wheel trailer through the Rocky Mountains.  We do not want to be without the assistance of the brake for our next trip.

H. Boatright

The Exhaust Brake has worked great.  It's nice to watch RVs ahead of me ride their brakes while I don't even touch mine.

B. and C. Taylor

I have had a U.S. Gear Exhaust Brake on my Dodge Diesel Pickup with which I tow a 37' 5th Wheel since 1994... I have had nothing but excellent experiences with [U.S. Gear service staff] every time I have the slightest question or the most technical discussion... In my experience it is rare to find such good service backing up an excellent product.

H. Bernat

[The D-Celerator] sure is a nice feature on my old '85 and I don't want to be without it on the new diesel.

I sure have been happy with US Gear and the D-Celerator.

D. Alexander

I had a D-Celerator installed on my F-250, 1996 XLT PowerStroke [two and a half years ago].  This is an excellent product. I pulled Monarch Pass in Southern Colorado (elevation 11,300 feet).  I descended east and west sides ... This unit held the truck and 5th wheel RV between 30-35 mph...

This is an outstanding product.  Keep up the good work.

C. Spears

If you have enhanced the performance of your vehicle with the D-Celerator Diesel Exhaust Brake, we'd like to hear from you...and we will feature your story on this page.  We frequently hear stories from performance-minded drivers how a D-Celerator has increased their driving enjoyment.  Now you can let everyone know about the benefits of the D-Celerator or Unified Tow Brake.

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