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Chrome Turn Down
Tailpipe Extension

The double chrome plated tailpipe extension turn-down is more than "just another pretty face..." The turn-down serves as a functional way to re-direct your exhaust away from the trailer you’re towing. This is particularly important for diesel powered vehicles!

Kit includes: Heavy gauge tubing double chrome turn-down tailpipe extension and stainless steel low-profile band clamp.

To order, call Customer Service at 1-800-874-3271.

    Applications    Price Length
CTD-1250 Chrome Turn Down 1-1/4" $49.46 10"
CTD-1500    Chrome Turn Down 1-1/2"    49.46 10"
CTD-2000    Chrome Turn Down 2"    49.46 10"
CTD-2250    Chrome Turn Down 2-1/4"    49.46 12"
CTD-2500    Chrome Turn Down 2-1/2"    57.88 12"
CTD-2750    Chrome Turn Down 2-3/4"    57.88 13"
CTD-3000    Chrome Turn Down 3"    71.57 13"
CTD-3500    Chrome Turn Down 3-1/2"    84.20 16"
CTD-4000    Chrome Turn Down 4"    84.20 12"
CTD-5000    Chrome Turn Down 5"    93.67 14"
CTD-5001    Chrome Turn Down 5" (Straight)    84.20 8-1/4"

Dimensions listed are for the diameter of the pipe you are fitting.

All prices and specifications are subject to change, without notice.
Effective date 3-1-08

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