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Service Bulletin
Unified Tow Brake (UTB-1000, TV-1000K)
Motor homes pre-wired by Monaco Coach Corporation for Unified Tow Brake
Also see Monaco Coach Corp Service Bulletin #06-06-05 (regarding pre-wiring)


Beginning in the Summer of 2005, Monaco Coach Corporation chose the Unified Tow Brake system and began pre-wiring its 2006 class A coaches (Monaco, Holiday Rambler, Safari, and Beaver) for the UTB controller. This saves the consumer 2 to 3 hours in installation time/expense and additional savings of components needed to purchase to complete the installation of the UTB kit.

We have found a problem with the wiring in some of the coaches from Monaco. When the coach is connected to the towed vehicle, and the brake controller is plugged into the factory wiring, one red LED on the controller is illuminated all the time. Also, the UTB vacuum pump in the towed vehicle runs continuously.

Description of Problem

There is a "trigger" wire for the brake light switch that activates the inertia devices in our brake controller. The brake light switch/air switch is to be "dead" when the foot is off the brake pedal, and "alive" when a foot is on the brake pedal. The wiring in some of the Monaco pre-wired coaches is backwards. They have the "trigger" wire "alive" when a foot is off the brake pedal and "dead" when the foot is on the brake pedal.

Monaco is using a relay for the "trigger" wire #197. They have the relay wired incorrectly. Monaco wire #197 is plugged into post # 87A and should be plugged into post # 87 on the relay.


The Monaco relay for wire #197 can be found in the coach’s electrical panel located in the front driver side bay. Once you have located the relay for wire # 197, you will notice that there is one spot on the relay that is not used. Move wire #197 to that vacant spot. That will correct the problem.

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