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Blocking Diode Installation Instructions
Unified Tow Brake
(Part Number BD-6000)

NOTE: The Blocking Diode must be installed. It is not optional.

  • Once you have located the appropriate wire as described in the main Installation Instructions (Notes on the Wiring for Towed Vehicle, paragraph D), install the blocking diode as shown in the diagram.

  • Be sure that the orange wire from the controller is connected to the brake light switch wire closest to the switch. In other words, the order of connections as you move away from the switch toward the stop lights should be:

  1. orange wire from controller

  2. blocking diode

  3. all other connections

NOTE: Visually make sure that there are no other wire(s) between the diode and the brake light switch except for the orange controller wire.

form #IS-6002 (Rev. 8/05)

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