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Installation Supplement

for Brake Controller Pigtail for Monaco Brand Coaches Pre-Wired with 6-pin Connector
Part #EC-4130

Date:               June 1, 2007 (Revised October, 2007)

Use with Unified Tow Brake Towed Vehicle Kit (TV-1000K and TVH-1000K)

We have discovered that some of the Monaco brand motor coaches that are pre-wired for the Unified Tow Brake do not use the mate to our connector that we supply for the Brake Controller (TC-6000) for the Unified Tow Brake system.  Instead, the coach is equipped with a 6-pin connector with only five wires used.  Additionally, the Monaco pin connections are not consistent from coach to coach.

When the installer encounters one of these Monaco connectors, he will need to use the EC-4130 Pigtail and plug the Controller (TC-6000) into the mating connector on the EC-4130 Pigtail.  Then determine the function of the wires in the Monaco connector as follows:

  • Switched 12 volt - Hot when ignition is on
  • Brake light switch - Hot when brake pedal depressed
  • Ground - Clip one end of test light to 12v source and probe the pin connections. When ground is made, test light will illuminate.
  • Signal wire - remaining wire (this connection will have continuity to the pin at the 5 o'clock position on the connector at the back of the motor home)
  • One wire in the Monaco connector will not be used; that wire is hot all the time.

Plug the identified wires into the proper locations in the connector provided.  Be sure to push the wires in until they lock into place.

Monaco 6-pin Connector

EC-4130 Wire Colors & Function

Pin #




Switched 12v






Brake Light Switch



Modulated to Power Module in TV


(not used)

(no wire)

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