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New Power Module with Feedback Alarm Feature
for the Unified Tow Brake
(Part Number PM-6002)

The new Unified Tow Brake Power Module provides a visual and audible alarm in the coach when brakes are applied in the towed vehicle when no braking signal from the cockpit controller or breakaway switch has been sent to the power module.

  • The new PM-6002 is wired just like the PM-6001 power module except at the gray and white wires. Note: If you're replacing a PM-6001 power module, and the gray and white wires were spliced to the HOT side of the brake light switch, it will be necessary to remove the gray and white wires from the factory wire and patch the factory wire back together.

  • The white wire is not used; it can be tied up and placed out of the way.

  • The gray wire should be spliced into the cold side of the brake light switch (where there is 12v only when the brake pedal is depressed). For convenience, you may splice into the cold wire anywhere between the brake switch and the tail lights.

  • Note: Some towed vehicles have brake light switches that are not active when the vehicle is being towed. To check to see if your brake switch is active, turn the ignition to the towing position and perform all steps required by your vehicle manufacturer to prepare the vehicle for towing. Then, depress the brake pedal and see if the brake lights illuminate. If brake lights do not illuminate, then this alarm feature will not work with your vehicle.

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Form PM-6002 (Rev. 10/08)

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