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Warranty Form (#110)

This form is also available as a PDF file.

Today's Date ____________________                Date of repair ____________________
                                                                            (if different)

Product:     [ ] Unified Tow Brake

                    [ ] D-Celerator Diesel Exhaust Brake

                    [ ] Other ____________________

Serial Number _______________
            UTB - attached to small tag on solenoid mounting plate
            EXB - tag on cast iron housing near the word FLOW
            Or from customer's warranty information

UTB Serial Number location
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Date of purchase _______________
            (this form must be accompanied by copy of receipt supplied by customer at time of repair)

Repair Station                                               


City                          State           Zip              

Phone #                             Extension _____

Fax #                             

Contact Person                                     



City                          State           Zip       

Nature of Complaint (brief and specific)






If problem has been corrected already with parts from your stock, please supply part number(s), and they will be replaced at no charge to you _____________________________

Warranty period by product (with receipt)

Unified Tow Brake, Towed Vehicle Kit, D-Celerator Diesel Exhaust Brake: one year from date of purchase; parts and labor. No mileage restriction or limit against manufacturing defect or workmanship only.  Installation issues are not covered.

Chrome Turn Downs: Lifetime warranty to original owner only with receipt, against pitting or flaking with proper care.

Upon completion of this form, please fax to 1-708-258-3071.

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