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Installation Supplement
Ford 7.3L DI "PowerStroke"
D-Feat Switch Wire
(Part #EC-4113)

To install the D-Feat wire in this application, follow these guidelines. The Idle Validation Switch (IVS) is located under the dash and above the accelerator. The Idle Validation Switch Connector is to the left of the Idle Switch. Two wires emerge from the smaller end of the connector.

Locate the correct wire using the following procedure. With the ignition on, one of the wires will always have voltage running through it. The other wire will not have any voltage when the throttle is not depressed, but will have 12V when the throttle is depressed. Determine which wire is which using a test light. Tie the D-Feat wire into the wire which alternates between voltage and no voltage. Do not use the wire which always has voltage.

Cut the wire between the connector and the lume. Strip the IVS wire approximately 1/8".

Insert one end of the IVS wire into one end of the butt connector. Then insert the other end of the IVS wire and the D-Feat wire into the other end of the connector. When the wires are in position, crimp the butt connector to secure the wires in place. (See D-Feat Wire Schematic below.)

Finally, plug the Molex connector from the D-Feat Switch Wire into the D-Celerator main wiring harness.

NOTE: Newer models of the Ford PowerStroke may have more than two wires emerging from the Idle Validation Switch. Only one of the wires will match the criteria listed above (cold when throttle relaxed, hot when throttle depressed). Be sure to use the correct wire by checking each wire with a test light.

form #4113 (Rev. 12/01)

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